Meet Our Leaders

Chris Becker

Chief Operating Officer
Chris' role is to direct the organization in meeting growth, financial and operational goals.  He knows credit unions and believes in the not-for-profit model as well as the need to be responsive to client requirements at all times.  Chris is passionate about service delivery excellence and building solid relationships with clients and staff.  His personal goal is to help CU Recovery and The Loan Service Center develop and deliver products that exceed the expectations of the marketplace.  In his free time, Chris likes to cook, mountain bike, golf, play the guitar and challenge himself by experiencing activities outside of his comfort zone. 
Wendy Elieff
SVP of Business Development & Client Service
Wendy is responsible for business development and client retention, nationwide.  She recognizes that the sales and client service teams must excel in order to grow and maintain their client base. Since joining the company in 2000, Wendy's combination of technical skill, customer service experience, and her understanding of credit union operations perfectly supports the CUR/TLSC standing as the leading collection solution for credit unions. Wendy is passionate about building relationships with colleagues as well as clients, and she leads her teams with the same enthusiasm and focus on excellence that she has when snowmobiling, golfing, or cooking for friends.

Bryan Moffitt
Vice President Business Development
Bryan manages the Business Development department for CU Recovery and The Loan Service Center and has been with the company since 2003.  The department is responsible for developing new business from Credit Unions with the focus on opening new markets as well as working within established markets.  Bryan feels that it is essential to listen to the day-to-day frustrations of a collection department and offer suggestions to optimize their delinquent loan process.  Bryan is passionate about building relationships with clients and has a genuine interest in helping credit unions collect debt from their members.  Bryan enjoys time with his family, running marathons and fishing.

John Brelje
Vice President Client Service
John oversees the client service team of CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center. Joining the company as its 9th employee John has been a part of the evolution and growth throughout the history of the company. John believes that client relationships are more than paper reports, and he is ardent in pursuing his personal goal of understanding the client member base, while employing honest communication to develop and maintain lifetime partnerships. John enjoys his children's sporting activities, family time and fishing.

Rhonda Gajeski
SVP Collection Operations, CUR
More than twelve years ago, Rhonda began her career with CU Recovery as a collector. During her growth with the company, she has found that the essentials for successful debt recovery include being organized, thinking creatively and adapting, much like a chameleon, to the challenges of each call. As Production Manager, Rhonda analyzes collection statistics with a sharp eye toward efficiency and process to maximize collection success on every file for their credit union clients. Passionate about her job, the comfortable atmosphere and talented staff, she comes to work each day with the credo "let's just get busy with what needs to be done today". Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family when not overseeing production efforts.

Colleen Keep
SVP Collection Operations, CUR
Colleen began her career with CU Recovery in 1997 as a large balance collector. Since then she has grown with the company and currently manages the collection team. Under her leadership the skill sets of the Production personnel continue to grow. With a training focus on seamless file management, followed by gradually increased collection pressure, Colleen's approach is soft-touched and member-focused. She is confident that the key to collection success is continuous training that encourages her team to refine their skills and accumulate new collection tools. Colleen enjoys dining out, gardening, going for walks, and vacationing.

Michael Vail
Manager Collection Operations, TLSC
Michael oversees collection operations for The Loan Service Center. His responsibility is to reduce credit union collection losses while providing the best possible experience for their Members.  He is passionate about communication and takes extra care in assuring that TLSC staff understand the policies and procedures of each client.  Michael enjoys spending time with his family, taking vacations and traveling with his sons for basketball games and band events.

Julie Ryan
SVP Accounting 
Julie manages the fiscal hub of CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center. Joining the company shortly after it was formed, she has been an integral part of the company's steady growth. Julie's attention to detail and caring attitude for clients embody the core values of the company. Focusing on the fundamental business principle of "exceeding the expectations of clients", Julie's personal goal is to ensure accurate and timely client Trust Statements. In her free time, Julie enjoys walking with friends at William O'Brien Park or sharing a glass of wine.

Andrea Patchin
Manager, Administration 
Andrea has been with the administrative department of CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center for 10+ years. As Administrative Manager, she works closely with the Client Service and IT departments. Andrea's main goal for administration is to make sure that all business coming through the department is processed in a timely and accurate manner. Her attention to protocol and detail enables the department to efficiently move files over to the collectors to begin making calls to members. Andrea takes pride in all that the department does in support of the company goals, from directing phone calls to working with the Secured and Legal departments.  Andrea's free time is spent on the lake along with her husband and dog.  She loves anything to do with nature and animals.

Mari Gordon
SVP Human Resources
Mari joined CU Recovery just 6 months after its inception and has grown with and for the company. Since managing human resources in a growing company can be challenging, Mari combines a fierce attention with a unique empathy for employees in her human resource role. Mari believes that working with the CUR/TLSC team of dedicated, motivated and responsible professionals has been key to the company's becoming a leading collection solution in the industry. Mari enjoys volunteer work and time with grandchildren. 

Ronda Ormson
Compliance Officer
Ronda is the Compliance Officer for CU Recovery and The Loan Service Center and has been with the company since 2010.  The position is responsible for insuring the company complies with outside regulatory requirements, updating internal policies to mitigate risk and keeping the legal and ethical integrity of the company intact through policy enforcement and program planning.  Ronda feels it is essential to safeguard the company against the risk associated with collections.  In her role as Compliance Officer, Ronda is passionate about educating employees, staying current with the ever changing collection climate and helping build CUR/TLSC to be the best collection resource for credit unions.  Ronda loves to sew, bake and spend time with her family. 

Laura Gerdes
VP Information Technology
Laura manages the IT department after starting with the company in the administrative area. Since forming the company's IT department 5 years ago and adding two in-house staff members, her unit's main focus has been the development and implementation of new technology to streamline current services and enhance the company business model. Laura likes making things work and coming up with new ideas to improve areas of the business. Since CU Recovery takes client comments seriously and bases the business on their needs, Laura's team takes pride in seeing a project to completion that makes a job easier or creates process efficiencies. Laura enjoys spending time with her two children in activities from sports to art. She also enjoys the competition of participating in 5K runs with her sister.