Secured Account - Need Help Choosing
1. Does the Credit Union have possession of the unit?
Yes - go to Option 4
No - Proceed to question 2

2. Does the Credit Union want CU Recovery to supply Skip only information on the member or unit?
Yes - go to Skip Tracing
No - Proceed to question 3

3. Do you want CU Recovery to repossess the member's unit?
Yes - Proceed to question 4
No - go to Option 1

4. Does the Credit Union want to sell (remarket) the collateral at the Credit Union?
Yes - go to Option 3
No - Proceed to question 5

5. Does the Credit Union want to have CU Recovery sell/remarket the unit?
Yes -
Does the Credit Union want CU Recovery to transport the vehicle to the closest auction for the Credit Union to work with the auction directly to remarket the collateral?
    Yes - go to Option 2
    No - Proceed to question 6
No -
Would you like CU Recovery to attempt to contact your member to bring the account current and/or payoff their loan and send out the notice of sale and deficiency balance letter?
    Yes - go to Option 3
    No - Contact Client Service

6. Does the Credit Union want CU Recovery to remarket the unit?