Customized Training for Credit Unions
We know that bringing new collectors up-to-speed or keeping experienced collectors' skills up-to-date is an every day challenge.  With regulatory compliance essential to the collection department, today's training goes beyond teaching a skill.  Operational process and procedures need to be efficient, effective, use all available resources and include a written policy.
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Bankruptcy Collection Training
Bankruptcy Collection Training is a one-day training course covering best-practice approaches to the complicated world of bankruptcy, in an easy to understand format. The class will provide important foundational information to help participants protect and support their credit union in dealing with consumer bankruptcy matters.
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Building the Foundation for Collection Call Success
Collection Call Success is a training course designed to fit a full or half day format.  A CU Recovery Trainer will guide your staff through collection best practices using the CUR 5 Call Type contact plan, while covering collection communications that work, and providing specifics on collecting within FDCPA guidelines.  This training will shorten the time it takes to bring a new collector up to speed as well as provide immediate results for experienced collectors in need of sharpening their skills.
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Building the Foundation for a Successful Collection Department
Is it time to add structure to your collection department?  How about creating a collection process that is both compliant and efficient? Do you wish you had time to put it all together? If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, the 4-day CU Recovery consultative review and recommendation training will help create a solid framework for collection department success at your credit union.

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Training On The Go
Looking for fast delivery of specific collection training, when you need it? This online video series of 4 training sessions cover key areas and helpful examples that will immediately impact collections for your credit union.  The beauty is that the videos are at the collector's fingertips when needed.

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Our Continuing Education Facilitator
Steve Kreitlow is the facilitator for the CU Recovery Education Department. Steve was on the ground floor of The Loan Service Center start-up in 1997.  Starting his career as a collector, Steve has grown with the company, wearing many hats including managing, overseeing and training Account Service Representatives.  With a broad knowledge of complicated subjects such as repossessions and bankruptcy and having worked with over 50 different collection platforms in over 200 different collection departments, Steve is uniquely qualified to facilitate CU Recovery's Building the Foundation Collection training. Steve's personal goal is to teach collection skills that will make an immediate difference in collection department efficiencies.