Building a Successful Collection Department is an objective evaluation to create a collection structure and process for your collection department that is both compliant and efficient. It includes an in-depth process of observation and assessment with expert recommendations that takes a minimum of 4 days and is conducted on-site at your credit union. The program is facilitated by a CU Recovery training and collection expert through one-on-one direct observation, group review and presentation, interactive group discussion, and Q&A.
Agenda Overview:
  • Assessment of the overall collection department operation:
    1. Verbal discussion and review of current procedures in use. 
    2. Observation by shadowing during collection staff activities from the initial collection call to charge-off recoveries.
    3. Analyzing the staff's use of their collection software for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Recommendations for improvements will be suggested by CU Recovery based on the assessment process to sharpen staff skills and create efficiencies.
  • Provide and review written Process & Procedures guide with staff, updated with recommendations specific to your credit union.  This is a regulatory mandate for compliance and is part of the CU Recovery materials that you will receive.
  • Ongoing, direct access resource with a CU Recovery contact for questions and follow-up.
Who Should Attend:  Collection department personnel as determined by management
Cost:  Contact for Quote

What Credit Unions Say:
"This training validated that quality in a phone call is often better than just the quantity of calls made".   

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