Educational Articles

The following educational articles are made available from the CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center collection floor. The articles are designed to provide real life solutions for the people who make their living managing credit union delinquency.

Collection Tips 
Newsletter Articles

2018 - 'COMPLY' series - A Vital Part of Collections
C=Complex Issues
O=Open Communication
M=Meetings, Interactive and Effective
P=Production vs Play
L=Lessons Learned
Y=Year End Collection Thoughts

2017 - 'INFORM' series - Information to Build Success in Your Collection Department
I=Information You Should Have
N=Need to Know
F=Forming a Team with Positive Group Dynamics
O=Outsourcing, the New Norm
R=Resolving Conflict
M=Manage the Outcome

2016 - 'ADVICE' series - Building the Foundation Tools for Developing a Success Collection Department
A=Advocates That Have Your Back
D=Developing a Quality Collection Call
V=Vibrant Collection Department Qualities
I=Instruction, Keeping Staff Up To Date
C=Clearly Defining Goals
E=Encourage, Engage, Enroll - A Formula for Collector Success

2015 - 'EXPERT' Series - Building the Foundation with Expert Collection Resources