Educational Articles

The following educational articles are made available from the CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center collection floor. The articles are designed to provide real life solutions for the people who make their living managing credit union delinquency.

Newsletter Articles

2019 - 'GROWTH' series - Growing Your Collections Success
G = Greater Tax Return Collections
R=Resource Information When Needed
O = Outsourcing and the GIG Economy
W = Welcoming Change

2018 - 'COMPLY' series - A Vital Part of Collections
C=Complex Issues
O=Open Communication
M=Meetings, Interactive and Effective
P=Production vs Play
L=Lessons Learned
Y=Year End Collection Thoughts

2017 - 'INFORM' series - Information to Build Success in Your Collection Department
I=Information You Should Have
N=Need to Know
F=Forming a Team with Positive Group Dynamics
O=Outsourcing, the New Norm
R=Resolving Conflict
M=Manage the Outcome

2016 - 'ADVICE' series - Building the Foundation Tools for Developing a Success Collection Department
A=Advocates That Have Your Back
D=Developing a Quality Collection Call
V=Vibrant Collection Department Qualities
I=Instruction, Keeping Staff Up To Date
C=Clearly Defining Goals
E=Encourage, Engage, Enroll - A Formula for Collector Success

2015 - 'EXPERT' Series - Building the Foundation with Expert Collection Resources